Doris might be Rockfield Spirits’ first large still but her namesake is co-founder Sarah’s late mother.

Paul cheekily nicknamed Sarah’s Mum Doris.  Luckily Sarah’s Mum saw the funny side!

“Rockfield Spirits is very much a family affair so it made sense that we should remember Sarah’s Mum when naming our first still,” said Paul.  

The original Doris enjoyed a tipple every now and again, so it made sense to keep her memory alive by naming our still Doris.

Today’s Doris is a 200 litre still where we produce our Rockfield Spirits’ signature gins.

The copper still was manufactured in Serbia, carefully chosen to ensure we have the right taste and quality gin.

The still embraces the soul of time-honoured craftsmanship while seamlessly integrating modern technology for greater efficiency and precision.

Producing Our First Gin

Our carefully chosen botanicals including juniper berries, coriander, lemon peel and five others are loaded into the front loading still, along with the neutral grain spirits. The infusion of botanicals, followed by precise distillation, gives birth to our first, dry and pink. Both gins will tantalize the taste buds and tell a story of true craftmanship.

Venturing into Future Spirits – Rum and Flavoured Vodka

Doris’ versatility allows us to venture into other spirits. We are currently working on some new experimental flavours of gin, and a new spiced rum. 

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