Celebrating One Year of Rockfield


This time last year we were nervously getting ready to open our doors to the public and launching our Dry and Pink Gin. It’s been a busy but amazing year, and we are very proud of what we have achieved in such a small space of time. To celebrate our first birthday, we want to […]

The Gin Guide Awards Finalist logo

The Gin Guide Awards Finalist


We are proud to announce that our Rockfield Dry Gin is a finalist in the classic gin category of the “The Gin Guide Awards 2024” The Gin Guide Awards (TGGA) is recognised throughout the industry globally. Finalists are selected through a rigorous blind tasting and scoring process with judges having been carefully selected for their […]

Embracing the magic of motherhood: A heartfelt Mother’s Day celebration


As Mother’s Day approaches, our hearts collectively turn towards the special person who shaped our lives with their boundless love, wisdom and warmth – our mothers. Mother’s Day is more than just a date on the calendar, it’s a beautiful occasion to express our deep appreciation for the person who has shaped our world. Mum’s […]

Valentine’s Day Gifts at Rockfield Spirits


Valentine’s Day is celebrated annually on 14th February, all in the name of St Valentine. Across the world gifts are exchanged between loved ones. The smell of fresh roses, the sight of red heart shaped cards and boxes of chocolates are all around, it is impossible not to feel the romantic tone in the first […]

🥂 Christmas all wrapped up with Rockfield Spirits 🎁


Rockfield Spirits – A perfect place for gatherings and gift Inspirations, with a unique offering throughout the Christmas holiday season! Gin tasting and distillery tour Dive into the Gin World with Our Guided Tastings and Distillery Tour Prepare for an immersive journey into the captivating world of gin! Our guided tastings and exclusive behind-the-scenes distillery […]

Celebrating Rum Day!


Cheers to National Rum Day and the Unveiling of our New Spiced Rum that will be on Sale Soon. Introduction Ahoy rum enthusiasts! On 16th August, National Rum Day, we honour the timeless charm of rum. We raise our glasses to the spirit that has capativated our hearts and minds for centuries. A spirit with […]

Who is Doris?


Doris might be Rockfield Spirits’ first large still but her namesake is co-founder Sarah’s late mother. Paul cheekily nicknamed Sarah’s Mum Doris.  Luckily Sarah’s Mum saw the funny side! “Rockfield Spirits is very much a family affair so it made sense that we should remember Sarah’s Mum when naming our first still,” said Paul.   The […]

It’s a Family Affair


When engineer Paul Scourfield and his colleague Mike Griffiths found out they had a shared passion for gin, Rockfield Spirits was born. They started experimenting with botanicals and cooking up their version of the perfect dry and pink gin just minutes away from Paul’s air conditioning business near the centre of Hereford. Never doing things […]

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