Cheers to National Rum Day and the Unveiling of our New Spiced Rum that will be on Sale Soon.


Ahoy rum enthusiasts!

On 16th August, National Rum Day, we honour the timeless charm of rum. We raise our glasses to the spirit that has capativated our hearts and minds for centuries. A spirit with a fascinating history rooted to the Caribbean since the 17th century. 

This year the celebration is doubly special as we celebrate Rockfield Spirits new Spiced Rum that will be for sale in September – in our Rockfield Distilleries Shop and on line.

The History of Rum

Rum’s history is an exciting tale of exploration, trade and piracy on the high seas. Rum quickly became the drink of sailors, pirates and traders. Its popularity expanded worldwide, and different regions began producing their distinctive versions, including white, dark, aged and spiced rum.

Crafting our Rum

Our distiller has created a symphony of flavours that will tantalise your senses. Carefully blending the finest sugarcane with eight spices and finished with orange zest, gives it the perfect flavoured spiced rum. It is bottled on site in the heart of Hereford city.

Inspired by the River Wye

Our journey of passion and inspiration extended beyond the liquid inside the bottle. The bottle design is an abstract representation of the River Wye, symbolizing the flow of exploration and discovery!

How to enjoy our spiced rum

Our spiced rum can be savoured in numerous ways, allowing you to explore its versatility – neat, on the rocks, or add a small quantity of orange juice, pineapple juice or coke.

Share Rockfield Spiced Rum with friends at gatherings or enjoy it by the fireplace on chilly nights

A toast to new Horizons

Join us in celebrating National Rum Day and the coming of Rockfield Spiced Rum!

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