Dry Gin

40% vol.


Eight carefully chosen botanicals perfectly mixed to deliver a deliciously crisp dry gin. Our Rockfield Dry Gin is the Spirit of Hereford in a glass.


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Flavour Notes

Juniper, the essential gin botanical provides a hint of bitterness. Combined with acidic notes from citrus peel and depth and warmth provided by orris root and coriander, this offers a refreshing and versatile gin to enjoy with tonic and friends.

The essential botanical
Earthy and Fragrant

Serving Suggestion

Enjoy our dry gin in a classic G&T by combining 50ml of Rockfield Dry Gin with a premium tonic. Finish off with a twirl of orange peel and lots of ice.


People's Choice Spirits Awards - Silver 2024 The Gin Guide Awards 2024 - Finalist
Dry Gin
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