As Mother’s Day approaches, our hearts collectively turn towards the special person who shaped our lives with their boundless love, wisdom and warmth – our mothers. Mother’s Day is more than just a date on the calendar, it’s a beautiful occasion to express our deep appreciation for the person who has shaped our world.

Mum’s love for her children – my experience as a mum

Embracing motherhood is, for me, the most rewarding and fulfilling role that life has bestowed upon me. The mere utterance of the word, ‘mum’ evokes a profound and comforting sense of love that warms my heart – and sometimes panics me, dependent on the tone of my children’s voice!

From the moment my son entered this world, followed by the arrival of my daughter a few years later, an overwhelming wave of love enveloped me, and my husband.

Photos of Sarah's children
Photo of Sarah's children at Christmas

Alongside that love came the realisation of the immense responsibility to nurture and care for these precious bundles of joy. The journey of motherhood unfolds across a spectrum of experiences, from the tender, demanding years of infancy to the interactive stages of playing rugby, board games and guiding them through their homework as they mature. Witnessing the transformation of my children into adults, and the independent people they have become is very rewarding, and my heart continues to melt in the same way it did when they were born.

Each stage brings its unique set of rewards and concerns, yet it has been a pleasure to witness my child’s growth.

“As a mum, you never stop worrying about your child, no matter how old they are”, a sentiment frequently voiced by my late mother – a sentence I often think about as it is so true! The ceaseless desire for the happiness and safety of one’s children remains a constant.

I count myself very fortunate to be a mother of two remarkable adults, with whom I share an extraordinary bond. The most gratifying moments of my day revolve around conversations with my children or the creation of special memories together.

Happy Mother's day card
Mother's day card

Saying a thank you to your mum

This Mother’s Day, Rockfield Spirits offers a range of thoughtful gifts, priced from £5 to £100, providing the perfect opportunity to express gratitude and bring joy to your beloved mum. Make you Mother’s Day very special for them with a Rockfield gift, voucher or experience.

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